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Simple Solutions For Every Day Kitchen use

Fine craftsmanship. High quality materials. We blend automation and skilled hand detail work.

Re-Masters specializes in cabinet Repainting. Ours is a four step process: strip, sand, Prime, and Paint.  We can do all of this cheaper and Faster, with less dust and disruption than the other guys. Our painting  process penetrates deep into the wood ensuring that the color holds strong for many more years and won't scratch off.  The result is a deep, rich, colorful finish making your cabinets look brand new.



A Level for Every Budget.


  • Custom Color



  • Room Bagged For Cleanliness-

     Air Filtration System


  • Appliances Removed


  • Old Cabinet Doors and Drawer

     are Removed


  • New Hinges


  • Box Sanding in Home

  • Painted on Site

  • Factory Finish Controlled   

     Environment “Off Site”


  • Media Blast "Sanding Off Site"

  •  Repairs 

  • New Drawers “Soft Close”

  • Premium Finish

  • Hidden European Hinges

  • Pull Out Shelves 

  • Custom Cabinets

Or Mix and Match, Build Your Own Price Point!

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